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Works in SSB, AM, CW, FM, RTTY, SSTV, Packet and Pactor - all modes.
Operates on all frequencies from 1.5 to 30 MHz, including all MF and HF amateur bands and shortwave broadcast .

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Connect the antenna of the station to MFJ-1026 and the antenna system is transformed into a directional reception board!
You can insert a value of zero up to 60 dB deep on each type of noise and the interference coming back a lot a direction and the angle of the wave. own interference and noise before it enters your receiver!
You can immediately go to nulling a signal peak at the push of a button and improve the reception of the weak signal!
Remove all types of noise from
sweeping ... lightning storm accident away and cut off the power line noise from the arc and electrical arc transformers, the lamp dimmer , touch controlled lamps, electric drills, motors, processing industry, TV .. birdies
Local ham High sensitive receiver overload? Cant copy your contacts? throw a deep nothing on it and literally take it off - you will not even know it's there.
You can dig a weak station hidden under a powerful on the same frequency!
Null the AM local broadcast station. Below , you may find an exotic resort on a remote island that you have never heard of.

A noise blanker can not ...
Very strong interference that he wanted signal can be completely removed without affecting the desired signal.
Prevention of overhead noise cancellation before it enters your sensitive receiver.
The MFJ-1025 is effective with all types of interference of all modes.
The signals can be raised or canceled.
The MFJ-1025 and the antenna can electrically "spin the matrix", while the antennas remain physically stationary ... adjust both the direction and the angle of the peak wave or nothing .... change to down by canceling it by pressing a button ... ignore mutual coupling effects such that phase and level are adequate.
Use the MFJ-1026 as an adjustable delay network. It is possible to combine two antennas to give various directional patterns and to improve the signal levels it receives.
Examples ... two vertical pivot matrix become ... your beverage and the transmit antenna can increase the weak signals ... two parallel shift. Drink antennas can improve the front-to-back ratio or no beef. Connects between the transmitting antenna and the transceiver. At null, adjust the S-Meter amplitude and read controls for minimum phase or lowest noise. A peak, press the reverse button . use built-in active or external antenna. It has a control phase amplitude of constant close.
The direction of the T / R switch bypasses the RF transceiver if it transmits. adjustable delay.
Use an outdoor antenna for null or peak signals .




j'ai trois exemplaires de ce 1026 sur des postes et des antennes différentes la qualité des connections antenne sont pas tres bonnes apres deux ans d'utilisation ils sont fatiguée les potentiomètres sont hs sur les trois exemplaires les connecteur a glissières commence a avoir des coupures
en résumer bon matériel mais vieilli tres vite

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Works in SSB, AM, CW, FM, RTTY, SSTV, Packet and Pactor - all modes.
Operates on all frequencies from 1.5 to 30 MHz, including all MF and HF amateur bands and shortwave broadcast .