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NEW FEATURE: QRSS mode allows messages at speeds of QRSS1 to QRSS99!

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The MFJ-495 Memory Keyer is a full-featured memory keyer combining dual microprocessors and a nonvolatile EEPROM chip for a full featured, low cost, high reliability design. Unlike other keyers, it uses a LCD display to set keyer functions and show the sending message. The MFJ-495 keys CW from a paddle, a keyboard and a serial computer interface. All code parameters are changed with an easy to use menu interface shown on the LCD display. The MFJ-495 has 32 message memories total over 8000 characters which can be loaded by paddle, keyboard or from a computer with a terminal program. The MFJ-495 can repeat messages continuously, insert timed pauses within messages, insert an autoincrementing serial number, have messages call other messages or insert embedded commands into a message. Commands also can be simply sent to the keyer in Morse code using your paddles, keyboard, terminal program on your computer, or push-button switches on the unit.

The MFJ-495 has controls for volume and speed on the front of the unit. The paddle jack connects to any iambic or single lever (dual contact) key paddle. The keyboard port allows use of an optional keyboard for keyboard keying operation. The serial interface allows connection of most RS-232 compatible
computers. The MFJ-495 supports both Direct and Grid-Block outputs and has a port for an optional remote control. Some of its features:

� 2-line by 16-character LCD display.
� Iambic keyer with dot and dash memories; automatic, semi-automatic or hand-key mode.
� 32 messages (four banks of eight messages each) total over 8000 characters.
� Messages may �call� other messages and contain programmed functions.
� Message editing capability.
� Input queue to store multiple message activation.
� Auto-incrementing contest serial number from 001 to 9999.
� Digital and linear analog speed control from 5 to 99 WPM (2:1-to-20:1 speed range ratio).
� Farnsworth mode with speed from 10 to 99 WPM.
� Ultra speed mode allows messages at speeds up to 990 WPM.
� QRSS mode allows messages at speeds of QRSS1 to QRSS99.
� Adjustable weight on code elements from 25% to 75% (constant or speed dependent).
� Adjustable sidetone frequency from 300 to 1000 Hz.
� Compensation for transmitter character shortening up to 25 ms.
� Keying output delay up to 20 ms to accommodate switching delay.
� Push-to-talk (PTT) hang time up to 10 seconds.
� Direct (positive) or grid-block (negative) keying.
� Carrier tune and adjustable pulse tune functions for transmitter adjustment.
� Timed pauses within messages and message loop capability for continuous replay.
� Message and keyer configuration saved without battery backup.
� Internal sidetone speaker with adjustable volume.
� Support for Qwerty and Dvorak keyboards with RepeatKey feature.
� 190 characters type-ahead keyboard buffer with buffer-full warning.
� Quad user mode supports four operators with different configuration settings.


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NEW FEATURE: QRSS mode allows messages at speeds of QRSS1 to QRSS99!