ICOM - SP-41 - HP de table


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Table speaker for the IC-7610

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Icom SP-41 External Speaker

The Icom SP-41 External Speaker, styled to match the Icom IC-7610, offers a refined set of features and performance appropriate for a new generation of direct sampling base station radios.

With similar specifications and size as the SP-23, the high quality SP-41 provides great audio for almost any transceiver.

The passive SP-41 base station speaker features a steel enclosure for RF shielding, a bale stand for front elevation, and a specially selected 8 ohm, 80 mm driver for full-range communications audio. Front panel push-button switches select high-cut and low-cut audio filters and “Speaker Off” mutes the speaker without the need to disturb the AF level control setting on the radio.

The SP-41 front panel also features a standard headphone jack, 6.35mm TRS (1/4 in. stereo), delivering filtered dual mono from the selected speaker input. Two rear panel input jacks, 3.5mm TS (1/8 in. mono) and a front panel A/B switch expand the use of the SP-41 to more than one radio. Two mono external speaker patch cables, 58.5 inches in length, with 3.5mm TS (1/8 in. mono) plugs are included.

In order to take full advantage of the Icom IC-7610, order two Icom SP-41 External Speakers and enjoy separated audio from the two independent receivers in that incredible transceiver!


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ICOM - SP-41 - HP de table

ICOM - SP-41 - HP de table

Table speaker for the IC-7610