R.E.E.C Asbl
Licencee Ham radio from any countries (B to C ONLY)  can support free of charge the Belgian initiative of R.E.E.C. ASBL. (

This Association is dedicated to radio-amateur assemblies and Ham Radio presentations.

Your registration allows you to get a 5% discount on prices (*).

Follow this link to register free of charge to R.E.E.C.

Don't forget then to create your customer account on ("Sign in" in the upper right corner) to allow us to activate your discount.

IMPORTANT : Use the same callsign in both registrations (the one for which you'll provide us your license).


Furthermore, if you are member of a radio-amateur club sponsored by XBS TELECOM (See the sponsored Radio-Clubs), you will be awarded an additional 5% discount, thus a total of 10% discount on prices (*)

(*) Discounts cannot be combined with promotions and other special conditions.

The REEC rebate is active from your registration to the REEC.
Discounts are effective on Amateur Radio products excluding promotions or special prices.
Each page of an article mentions whether a reduction is possible and of what type.

When a product has a discount, the discount is directly deducted during the purchase once the customer account is up to date




- I am president of a Radio-Club and I wish to give my members an additional 5% discount, what shall I do ?

=> contact us via  

- My club is not yet member but I already wish to make my purchase, How can I do ?

=> If your Radio-Club becomes sponsored within 3 months of your purchase, a discount voucher will be offered to you for the difference on the price you paid.