VAT - Warranty - Invoicing

Warranty Conditions : (Only B to C - In B to B the warranty is 1 year)

All the equipment delivered follows the European legislation in force concerning warranty periods.

To be more clear, the European warranty for ANY product sold in the territory by a European merchant, MUST follow the regulations of at least 2 years to date. (For France, see articles 1641 to 1649 of the civil code concerning the legal guarantee against hidden defects, and articles L.217-4 to 14 of the consumer code concerning the legal guarantee:

Some manufacturers and / or XBS Telecom sometimes offer contractual guarantees, which can be free or paid depending on the case. These are always guarantees that supplement the legal guarantee conditions.
Unless otherwise stated, the warranty periods mentioned in all commercial communications are the total coverage periods for the products concerned. In practice, the first two years are always covered by the legal guarantee, under the conditions imposed by law. The guarantee granted for the remaining period (total duration minus two years) is a contractual guarantee (most often free). The conditions of these contractual guarantees depend on the brand and the product model, and are subject to change at any time, without prior notice from us. If in doubt, please contact our team or obtain the information directly from the manufacturer concerned.

Warranty return procedure :

The warranty return procedure is as follows:

1 - You send an email to the support service to report your problem, with a detailed explanation of the failure:

support email

Our support service always aims to resolve your problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is only with this in mind that we will always seek to diagnose and identify the problem as well as possible with your help, and by advice on use and / or test suggestions. Our experience has shown us that many of the problems reported can be resolved remotely, saving you a long wait.

2 - If the support service considers that the equipment must be returned, you will receive an email with from them.

Warning: Never return the material on your own initiative without the prior consent of the service support. Always make sure to validate the address with us where to return your material. Indeed, it varies depending on the brand of the product. Please note, our administrative center never receives any package (do not send anything to 229, Rue Solférino in Lille). Deposits in relay points or any storage center of a carrier are not accepted.

3 - You pack the equipment, if possible in its original packaging. (if not possible, be careful to protect it as well as possible). It is also preferable to then place this box in a packaging (eg a larger box Max.110 cm) in order to avoid any risk of deterioration.

We strongly recommend that you insure your package with the value indicated on the invoice.

4 - Keep the receipt carefully because it is your proof of sending, it will be requested in the event of a dispute or transport problem.

If the repair is accepted under warranty by the repair center, we will also need a copy of the transport receipt. This is to provide you with an intervention on the price of the transport you have organised (Maximum 30 €), the return being covered by a warranty by the repair center.

5 - As soon as the package is entrusted to the carrier of your choice, let us know and send us the tracking number.

We will then inform the repair center of the arrival of the package and we can follow up and keep you informed.

Please note: depending on the problem, a return trip to the manufacturer lasts an average of 4 weeks.

VAT & Billing :

For privates, our prices are inclusive of all charges, only possible transport costs are extra.

For our invoices from France, we apply the VAT exemption received according to Article 293 B of the CGI,

We only invoice the holder of the operator / license certificate (B to C), exceptionally we can invoice on request a company with an active Intra-community VAT number and which would have been provided it to us when creating the account (B to B)

In this case, the delivery and billing address will only be the address mentioned by "VIE TVA".

For Belgium, according to the law in force, a company will only be able to buy and receive an invoice if when ordering it has provided us with its authorization number for "general detention" from IBPT / BIPT (+ copy by e-mail at

Outside of France we are in a VAT unit with from 1st July 2021, an invoicing at the VAT rate equivalent to your own country. (OSS schemes)

Your invoice will reach you +/- 30 days after shipment, via our external invoicing for administrative and regulatory reasons

You will receive an invoice in PDF format by email.

The invoice never accompanies the packaging to avoid an easy sale in the event of loss ...