Legal Notice

"We have been specializing in radio equipment for Ham Radio since 2006. Our company is composed of fellow radio amateurs who are dedicated to serving the needs of the radio amateur community. To offer you the lowest prices on the market, we exclusively process orders through our online platform. This allows us to minimize operating costs and provide competitive pricing. However, we understand the importance of personal communication, which is why we also have a telephone helpline available in French, English, and Italian throughout the day. You can also reach us via email for any inquiries or concerns.

As a central purchasing entity, we source products from all around the world to obtain the best prices, conditions, and warranties. This approach enables us to offer a wide range of high-quality products that cater to your specific requirements. We ship via drop-shipping from our suppliers to destinations across Europe, ensuring fast delivery, cost reduction, and the best possible prices and conditions for our customers.

We take pride in being the sponsor of numerous Radio Clubs, allowing their members to benefit from special pricing on our selected products. Additionally, we conduct tests on certain items and provide video demonstrations to offer you a better understanding of the featured products.

To stay connected with our RadioAmateur community, we maintain a presence on Twitter, where we notify you of our special offers and share our product test videos. Furthermore, we send out a monthly newsletter to RadioAmateurs, highlighting current promotions, new products, and featured items. This way, you will always be informed about the latest updates and best purchasing opportunities.

With every purchase, our customers earn loyalty Euros that can be used immediately for their next purchase or accumulated for future discounts. We aim to reward your loyalty and provide you with an even more advantageous shopping experience.

We accept the majority of credit and debit cards for secure and convenient payment. Moreover, if you choose to pay via bank transfer, we deduct 0.7% directly from the total amount of your order (excluding shipping costs), allowing you to save even more.

By choosing our company, you can shop with confidence, knowing that you will get the best deal possible. We are here to provide you with quality equipment, competitive prices, fast delivery, attentive customer service, and a community of passionate radio amateurs. Join us now and enjoy the exceptional benefits we offer!"

Pay attention to imitations or obsolete versions (old firmware, etc.).

Internet abounds in more or less legal pseudo-shops.

XBS TELECOM is official importer / distributor of different brands and proposes only original products (no copies or inventory markdowns).

The transport is deliver on-site according to your choice during your order.

Our prices have been subject since July 2021 (according to the new legislation in force) to the adjustment to the increase in the VAT rate between France and your country of origin (B to C) and, if applicable, to the adaptation of transport costs.

Payments must be made at the time of the order by Bank Card or by Bank transfer, we do not accept checks.

We work as a central purchasing center and buy from the various brand importers, which allows us to offer you the best prices on our new equipment in its original packaging and with the latest firmware, while respecting the rules of warranty. (Unless explicitly stated otherwise)

Your order will be dispatched within 1 - 5 days (unless the manufacturer/importer is out of stock)

We try to offer you the best prices on the European market and to be among the best at the level of the offered service.

The frequencies of our transceivers are the authorized, non-extended ones. The frequencies of these transceivers can be extended upon request.

We also draw your attention on the fact that your order will be considered as a personalized purchase. Therefore and according to provisions of the article L 121-21-8, 3 °, you cannot exercise the right of withdrawal, as soon as your payment will be done.

The above translation of the Legal Notice is provided to your convenience, but only the Legal Notice in French is legally relevant. The customer confirms that he understands and accepts the legal notice in French.

Do not hesitate to contact us by email if necessary:

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