XBS TELECOM offers XBS Instant-cashback :
On your next order, the amount of the "XBS Instant-CashBack" will be automatically deducted from the amount to be paid to us.
The amount is deducted directly when ordering !

XBS TELECOM also offers XBS Giftback :
Receive a free product with the purchase of certain other products !
The offered product is automatically added to your order, with a zero price.

Finally, XBS Telecom helps you claim your Yaesu Cashback from Yaesu UK :
For any purchase of YAESU equipment benefiting from a manufacturer's cashback, go to your account. There you will find the pre-filled Yaesu form, enter your IBAN, verify, download and print and voila !

Here are our Instant-cashbacks and Instant-giftbacks
of the moment :

XBS Instant-Cashbacks / Instant-Giftbacks
on Yaesu products
Valid until 28/02/2021
XBS Instant-cashback: -100,00€

XBS Instant-Cashbacks
on Kenwood products
Valable jusqu'au 28/02/2021
XBS Instant-cashback: -100,00€

XBS Instant-Cashbacks
on Himunication products
Valable jusqu'au 28/02/2021
XBS Instant-cashback: -50,00€

XBS Instant-Cashbacks
on AOR products
Valable jusqu'au 28/02/2021
XBS Instant-cashback: -100,00€

All our promotions are subject to change without prior notice, depending on market prices and product availability.

When a product offered as "Instant-Giftback" is no longer available, it can be replaced by an equivalent, or by an "Instant Cashback".