XBS TELECOM offers XBS Instant-cashback :
On your next order, the amount of the "XBS Instant-CashBack" will be automatically deducted from the amount to be paid to us.
The amount is deducted directly when ordering !

XBS TELECOM also offers XBS Giftback :
Receive a free product with the purchase of certain other products !
The offered product is automatically added to your order, with a zero price.

Clubs sponsored by XBS TELECOM offer you "XBS Promo Club": In association with these participating sponsored clubs, a discount or gift will be offered to you when you order on items displaying this logo.

For your Yaesu Cashback, simply go to
There you'll be able to fill out their form there and get your refund

Here are our Instant-cashbacks and Instant-giftbacks
of the moment (Only for B to C) :

XBS Instant-Cashbacks on other products
Valid until 31/05/2023
Instant-Cashback :
-250,00€ + DJinstant_cashback_XS.pnginstant_cashback_XS.pngim1.png
Instant-Cashback :
-300,00€ + DJinstant_cashback_XS.pnginstant_cashback_XS.pngim1.png