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    Be witness to the evolution of KENWOOD's pride and joy - the TS-590S HF transceiver - pushing performance and technology to its utmost limit, with the receiver configured to capitalize on roofing filter performance and IF AGC controlled through advanced DSP technology.

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    FULL TX We are excited to present a new high end HF / 50MHz 100W transceiver the FTDX101D seen at Dayton Hamvention 2018. This description is taken from show information and is only the preliminary introduction, and all detailed information such as pricing and date to be announced at a later date. With the FT-DX101D, the Main-RX is equipped with the...

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  • 437,69 €

    Free FULL TX The Ft-5DE is a 5W VHF / UHF dual band digital transceiver - C4FM / FM - Bluetooth HF Receiver + Aviation Band

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  • 114,95 €

    Power and standing wave ratio measurement from 1.8Mhz to 160Mhz and from 140Mhz to 525Mhz, up to 200W Max. OEM: Products under various brands and front panel switches may vary in shape

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    This digital receiver is capable of decoding almost all modes such as: MOTOTRBO ™, TETRA, DMR ™, dPMR ™, APCO P25 (phase 1), NXDN ™, Icom D-Star ™ (Narrow), CR Digital, Yaesu, Kenwood® and Alinco (*) with an optional EJ-47U. Also: AM - FM (wide and narrow) - SSB - CW. NEW! - The latest firmware now allows decoding of Traffic Channel audio from TETRA...

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    The ACOM 1000 HF Linear Amplifier is the world's best value in an amateur HF amplifier. The ACOM 1000 gives you acomfortable 1000 watts output on all amateur bands from 160 through 6 meters

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  • 2 644,00 €

    10 kHz to 3 GHz Super Wideband Coverage (EUROPEAN VERSION BECAUSE THE FRENCH VERSION DOES NOT GIVE THIS COVER) Superb Receiver Performance Software Demodulation in FPGA Processing Real-time Spectrum Scope with Waterfall Function 4.3-inch Touch screen colour display provides Intuitive Operation Absolute Value of RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) SD...

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    BS-PTT + BHM-75 144/430 transceiver - 50 watts VHF - 40 watts UHF Very different design than any other TRX on the market. Included with your purchase of the VR-N7500 VR-N7500 transceiver Speaker / microphone with cable Microphone / Bluetooth Speaker (BHM-75) Bluetooth PTT button (BS-PTT) Power cable, 2x2.5 mm², length 3 m Mounting bracket instructions...

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    Stabilized power supply, 30A peak, with adjustable voltage from 9 to 15 volts. OEM model very compact, available in equivalence Wouxun, Jetfon, KPO, Proxel, etc. next Stock

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    FULL TX We are excited to introduce a new high-end 200W HF / 50MHz transceiver, the FTDX101MP seen at Dayton Hamvention 2018. This description is taken from the fair information and is only preliminary introduction, and all the detailed information such as pricing and the date to be announced at a later date. Will also exist in 100W version...

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  • 394,00 €

    FTA-850L is a fullfeatured handheld transceiver with the precious color LCD. The FTA-850L transmits and receives on the International Aircraft Communication Band (“COM” band; 118 to 136.975MHz) and also provides VOR and ILS navigation features on the “NAV” band (108 to 117.975MHz).

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    FULL TX Like the FTDX-101 series, the new FTDX-10 utilizes the Yaesu Hybrid SDR configuration

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XBS Telecom, has been specializing since 2006, more than ten years, in the sale of telecommunications equipment. These are equipment for radio amateurs, on the HF frequency bands (135Khz to 30Mhz), VHF (50Mhz, 70Mhz, 2M - 144Mhz), UHF (70cm - 430Mhz), equipment "Marine", "Airband" on the Frequency band for sea professionals, without a license (PMR446, CB or DPMR446 walkie-talkie type), etc.

We offer unbeatable prices for all major brands in transceivers like YaesuIcomKenwoodWouxunRecent, FlexRadio, etc., but also in amplification like SPEAcom, OM Power or RM-Italy, as well as Yagi antennas (beams / Directives) from ITACushcraftDiamond, Optibeam, Sirio , etc., vertical, delta-loop or active antennas.

Finally, we offer all the accessories, cables, power supplies and measuring devices necessary for the installation of your shack.

The term "base stations" refers to fixed, large-scale tranceivers with capacities up to 100W or 200W with extended functionality and complex filters such as the Yaesu FT-991A, FTDX-1200, FTDX -3000, FT-450, ICOM IC-7300, IC-7851, IC-7610, IC-9700 or the Kenwood TS-990S, TS-590SG, TS-890S.

The term "mobile stations" refers to devices installed in a vehicle, boat, or aircraft, such as ICOM IC-7100, IC-5100E, Yaesu FTM-300DE, FTM-400XDE, FT-891, Kenwood TS-480, TMV-71E, and more. 

"Handheld device" means small, low-power (0.5W to 10W) battery-powered (eg lithium-ion) transceivers that can be carried at your belt, like the Yaesu FT-3DE, FT-4XE, FT-70DE, ICOM ID-51E plus, Kenwood TH-D74E or RECENT RS-589, RS-629D, RS-460S.

Whether you are attracted to digital transmissions such as DMR, C4FM (Yaesu fusion) or D-Star, or analog transmission, whether you are plugged in "base station", mobile transceivers, or portable transceivers, we have the hardware , skills and experience in addition to the best prices.

Thanks to optimized operating costs and a tense-flow stock management, XBS Telecom sa offers the latest radio-telecommunications equipment, always at the best prices on the market..

Founded by licensed radio-amateurs and through its sponsorship links to HAM clubs, XBS Telecom also seeks to promote the world of amateur radio, knowledge of radio transmissions, and in general telecommunication engineering, while building close ties with the electronics industry. To do this, we offer special discounts to all members of the sponsored clubs, and in particular to our privileged partner R.E.E.C. asbl.