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Get ready to dive into the fascinating world of radio with XBS Telecom, your trusted partner founded by radio enthusiasts, for radio enthusiasts. Since our inception in 2006.
We have been committed to meeting the specific needs of the amateur radio community because we understand your passion and requirements.

Benefits and Prices of XBS Telecom

Competitive Prices: XBS Telecom offers prices generally lower than many competitors.
This competitive pricing policy allows customers to access high-quality equipment at reduced costs.

Support and Sponsorship of Radio Clubs:
    Special Discounts: XBS Telecom offers a discount of up to 10% on certain products for members of sponsored radio clubs.
    Event Sponsorship: For sponsored clubs, XBS Telecom covers 70% of the price of QSL cards (radio contact confirmation cards) during events, providing significant support for club activities.
    List of Sponsored Clubs: A list of clubs sponsored by XBS Telecom is available on their site.
    Sponsored QSL Cards: Details of QSL cards partially sponsored by XBS Telecom can be viewed.

Payment Policy: Unlike other companies, XBS Telecom does not increase its prices when you pay by card.
However, if you choose to pay by bank transfer, a discount of 0.7% of your order amount will be applied starting from 150€, corresponding to the fees normally associated with card payments.

Loyalty Program: At XBS Telecom, you earn loyalty points with every purchase.
Each point is worth 1€ and can be used on your next order or accumulated for future purchases, offering added value for regular customers.

Customer Service and Guarantees XBS TELECOM:
    Extended Warranty: Yaesu brand transceivers (TRX) come with a 5-year warranty instead of the usual 3 years.
    For Icom and AOR brands, the warranty is 3 years instead of the traditional 2 years.
    Contribution to Shipping Costs: When sending items for warranty service (SAV), XBS Telecom covers part of the shipping costs, reducing costs for the customer.

Revolutionary Structure:
    No Physical Store: XBS Telecom operates entirely online, which reduces storage and transport costs since XBS TELECOM uses the stocks of European importers and ships directly from them.
    Unlike other online players, XBS TELECOM offers competent service accessible by phone.
    Latest Firmware Versions: By avoiding in-store storage, XBS Telecom can always offer the latest firmware versions of products.
    Wide Choice and Significant Stock: This structure allows XBS Telecom to have a greater choice of products and significant stock, offering customers the most suitable products for their needs rather than leftover stock.
    Access to Files and Manuals: Customers have access from their accounts to files, manuals, and other documents related to purchased products, enhancing the user experience.
    Best Prices and Benefits: By purchasing across Europe, XBS Telecom allows its customers to get the best current prices and available benefits.
    Monthly Newsletter:
Each month, XBS Telecom sends promotions to its customers or requesters and allows viewing of the Newsletter on its homepage.


XBS Telecom manages to offer competitive prices while maintaining a high level of customer service and actively supporting the amateur radio community through sponsorships and discounts.

The company's revolutionary structure helps reduce costs and offer the latest product versions with a wide choice and significant stock.

The loyalty program and extended warranties add even more value for regular customers.

This makes it an attractive choice for radio enthusiasts looking to acquire quality equipment at reasonable prices while benefiting from excellent support.