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    -20.00€ Professional Handheld VHF Marine Radio DSC + GPS (ATIS) The Himunication HM360 MAX replaces the HM360.

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    Full Tx The FT-710 AESS is a compact design yet provides 100W output, utilizing the advanced digital RF technology introduced in the FTDX101 and FTDX10 series. Sherwood Engineering Incorporated 4th Highest Performing Receiver    Receiver Test Data (   [Updated 01 October 2022. Added Yaesu FT-710]

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    A new standard for hand-held receivers!  AR-DV10 : 100kHz~1300MHz AR-DV10 is the world's most advanced multi-mode, SDR hand-held receiver that supports avariety of digital, as well as analog modes. Enjoy multi-digital signal monitoring on the go! NEW! - the new firmware now allows decoding of Traffic Channel audio from TETRA TRUNKING networks!

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  • -55.00€ This digital receiver is capable of decoding almost all modes such as: MOTOTRBO ™, TETRA, DMR ™, dPMR ™, APCO P25 (phase 1), NXDN ™, Icom D-Star ™ (Narrow), CR Digital, Yaesu, Kenwood® and Alinco (*) with an optional EJ-47U. Also: AM - FM (wide and narrow) - SSB - CW. The  firmware now allows decoding of Traffic Channel audio from TETRA...

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  • -46.00€ Description: Wind load: 3 m2 Rotation torque: 2,500 kg/cm Vertical load: 300 kg - Momentary vertical load: 1,200 kg Brake torque: 25,000 kg/cm Mast diameter: 4.8 to 6.3 cm Electrical and mechanical end-of-travel detection (Stop) Weight: 6.5 kg Supplied with controller, connectors, and user manual (connection cable optional)

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  • SSM-BT10 FTA-850L is a fullfeatured handheld transceiver with the precious color LCD. The FTA-850L transmits and receives on the International Aircraft Communication Band (“COM” band; 118 to 136.975MHz) and also provides VOR and ILS navigation features on the “NAV” band (108 to 117.975MHz).

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    Suitable for TDMA mode in addition to FDMA (FM, C4FM, D-Star, NXDN, IDAS, dPMR, P25 (I & II), MPT1327, DMR Tier I & II). Supports analog and digital handheld radios. Your handheld radio connects and disconnects in seconds. Use this amplifier to transform your handheld into a mobile device with a vehicle-mounted antenna, a powerful field radio with...

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  • -50.00€ FULL TX Be witness to the evolution of KENWOOD's pride and joy - the TS-590S HF transceiver - pushing performance and technology to its utmost limit, with the receiver configured to capitalize on roofing filter performance and IF AGC controlled through advanced DSP technology.

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Every product we offer undergoes rigorous testing and approval by our team of experts, ensuring outstanding quality and performance. In addition to our expertise, we provide a 5-year warranty for Yaesu products and a 3-year warranty for Icom products, giving you complete peace of mind with your purchases.

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XBS Telecom, created by radio enthusiasts, for radio enthusiasts. Get ready for an exceptional radio experience with notable references such as the Yaesu FT-991A, FTDX-101, FTDX-10, FT-710, the Icom IC-7300, IC-7851, IC-7610, IC-9700, IC-705, IC-905 the Kenwood TS-590SG, TS-890S, and many more.